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Robert Olstad
United States

"My purchase of a morin khuur was a very easy and enjoyable process. My questions were quickly answered in a few emails. Based on photos provided, I ordered a beautiful instrument and conveniently paid for it using PayPal. I am now beginning to learn how to play the morin khuur, and I have it proudly displayed in our living room as a true work of art."

Spencer Shryock
United States

"This instrument definitely has the mark of an amazing luthier. I've seen some really nice expensive violins and cellos, and the wood quality and build of this instrument definitely rivals a lot of them. The sound is great as well. It resonates strongly, and you can feel the body of the instrument vibrate with almost every note, as though it's alive."

Michael Fischer

"I think the handcrafting is made very careful and with love for the instrument. I love the tone of the instrument. During the order my questions were answered very quick and the communicating was very friendly. I´m happy all around!"